Multiple wallets

Can multiple wallets be created by the same user? If so how many

I also wanted to know whether I can have the etn app installed and use at the same time on multiple phones, for example on an android phone and on an ios phone at the same time. Before it was not possible because of “mining” on phones but now the mining is stopped.

24.5. We only permit one ETN Online Wallet per individual user. You must not register, or attempt to register, for more than one ETN Online Wallet.

Not sure Ikelemen. Logic says it should be fine, as like you said, now the mining simulation is finished.
T&Cs state:
24.4. You must not use the ETN App on any device other than a mobile phone or tablet

So seems to be OK, but unless you really need to, I wouldn’t risk it. You can always create a ticket and ask to be sure.