Multiple wallets with one KYC

Is it possible to use one KYC account on more than one wallet?

Sure why not, as long as you are the owner of both accounts and as long as you own your Yoti identity.

There is no limit on how many wallet accounts you can have, but there is a limit on 1 mining account per 1 user. Hope this helps.

i dont think its work ! :thinking: why would u make this ?

Yeah that’s great thanks heaps

My wife has an account but her english is not so great so getting her through the KYC is proving to be a pain in the ass. Just easier if I use my ID on both wallets.

mm i can see / for me as a family i did the level one activation for my family accounts only me get verified at 3 levels i think it better. they will not use the app for more than 5k or 10 k so i think its good .just my account got verified and i think its more safe :wink:

yeah cool. I will do my account first and then see if I can use the KYC on hers after. Will let you know if it works.

Don’t know what to say about this. Look at what the support informed me:


Yesterday 1:10 PM


You should one have one account with us anyway, it is actually breaking out Terms and Conditions to have more than one account.

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I only have one account . My wife has her own account. I am just trying to save a ton of hassle with KYC.

Yes, that is my situation as well, only that instead of wife, I have a sister.
In any case, I just wanted to throw this out, as @cuddlesquid said it is actually fine to have more accounts, only that you use only one for mobile mining.
So it turns out it isn’t fine. :slight_smile:

I guess it depends how many phones you have haha and different email addresses - I supposed theoretically you could have 100 phones all mining at the same time using different email addresses but who can be bothered haha when the price of ETN is high the mining wont work like it does now that is for sure. Imagine being able to mine 10 coins at 5$ a coin ever few days - wooo hooo… The mining is for the here and now and for the unbanked really. It might pay off for people in a couple of years but as the price goes up they will scale it I would imagine.

Yes, it’s just that they wanted to offer this to everyone, and not to a guy that makes 10000 accounts only himself.

I created two accounts for myself. Just don’t wanna put all eggs in one basket. In case i get hacked or something. Is this not allowed?

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I don’t know at the moment, so I switched to just one account, just to be sure. Normally, you could use no matter how many wallets, only that you are allowed to use just one for mobile mining.

Brother how long does it take the electroneum official to review your documents submitted to them

I was level 3 verified in 3 days from start to finish.
But it depends on the country, I believe.

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I think where Electroneum wants to aim for is that everyone who has a wallet has to do KYC so that each person and account is unique and linked only by that person I know it’s a hassle to help family and friends also get trough it but If it’s against their terms I wouldn’t risk it personally to have multiple accounts but that’s me :roll_eyes: