MTN & AIRTEL! Mobile companies in Africa that use mobile money transfers

Guys if any of you have travelled or lived in Africa you would have heard of these huge mobile companies. They have access to millions of Africans across the continent and they use mobile payments though talk time/ pay as you go. Etn team I hope you’ve got them in your sights check this out

Airtel as of March 2017 has 78million subscribers
MTN has over 230 million subscribers covering Africa and asia

I really hope Richard is After MTN, Airtel and Glo. That move will get tens to hundreds of millions active users.


Yeah. Africa, mainly it is wallet because of security concerns. Definitely ETN can provide extra security in transactions. Richard needs to expand his team.


@ETNCEO I hope you have these companies in your sights!!


These Companies would be great as partnership for Electroneum to get recognition and spread it around Africa i think they certainly will help getting adopted widely in Africa :thinking:


But lack of team members should not be concern. It is something where skilled staff should be increased. Need to involve more and more developers/marketing staff. Because of low speed, once we had lost confidence of people


@chris.gorman This would be a huge market for Nigerians and Africa as a whole!!!

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