Mr richard ells must hear this

I am always excited when talk or write about ETN.I buy a few during the ICO ,and even where there was an attack and people were calling for Richard’s head i was among the few who kept saying that ETN was not a scam.I told fellow members in the telegram group to give ETN the benefit of the doubt.I can not count how many hate messages i received in December 2017.Just 36 hours ago i posted in ETN telegram group that is moderated by a fantastic Gentlemen that ETN would hit $3 soon should Nigeria adopt it.But i was very conservative.If my country adopts ETN ,i tell you ETN would hit $10 in 24 months.It is not just some wishful thinking.Out of a population of 200,000,000 +,more than 100,000,000 have a smartphone.This include people living in the rural areas in Nigeria.We have a teeming youth who are connected 24/7.To be connected 24/7 they must buy data.More than 70 % of the youth don’t have a bank account.Because the process is usually difficult which means they can not have access to loan to finance their projects ,if they have one.
ETN would meet a ready market and before we know it ,ETN MeetUp meetings would start springing all over Nigeria.We know how to do things like these.
Ask MTN.In 1999 MTN was an unknown South African Telcom Company,until it came to Nigeria.MTN Nigeria is more profitable than MTN South Africa.Arcatel France was richer than MTN in 1999 but Today MTN group is richer three times richer than Arcatel France.Peugeot Nigeria is gainful than Peugeot France.Bottomline:no company comes to Nigeria and remains the same.ETN would not be an exception.If Paxful,Luno and others are already on money in Nigeria ETN would make its mark too.We are here for ETN and to ensure it happens.In fact there is an ETN GROUP IN Yaounde ,Cameroon.I introduced the moderator to ETN .



I hope, Richard gets to read this…


I am a Nigerian and what the writer said is not far from the truth. a country with over 200m people is not a small country. MTN, Globacom, Airtel are all making it big here in Nigeria. If ETN must be anounced in Africa, they need to first penetrate our market.

I hope Richard will heed to this advice


Yeah its necessary to create someting like MPESA too very popular in Kenya and help normal people to get some money from the west.
Good luck to all and I wish you to find a game changing IDEA which help you to get RICH - sell some things, ideas or GIGS to the west :wink:
I want to buy a worldwide SIM card with unlimited data and calls and pay it with ETN coins :slight_smile:


I agree totally with what the OP has said…if a particular so called crypto that every nigerian knows about,that isn’t even listed on coin market cap or any exchange so to speak could garner so much support!! Then I am sure ETN would do way much better in the nigerian market and in Africa in totality…Richard ells pls put Nigeria in ur watchlist of prospective market space…ASAP…nice concept great project


I like what you are writing and in my believes that is the core of the ETN idea for the unbanked. In my point of view you are sitting on a gold mine. By recruiting and educate users you can build wealth, learn 10 people about ETN and start as a consultant or build a ETN to fiat exchange lokal and then expand. If you don’t want it teach someone else to do it. I don’t think the ETN team can conquer the whole world alone, they need the people in the community too teak action.


Yes… Great Nigerian… The game will surely change if Nigerian can easily adopt ETN as a means of payment

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I too would love $10/ETN, but I feel that eyeing $1/ETN is a better goalpost for the time being. A stepping stone, but an important one. Even at 10c/ETN, we will see some game-changing growth, as that’s still within reach for accommodating a large number of investors in said markets, who want to get in before the major FOMO happens.


The OP is not lying. I may not 100% agree with his price prediction, but I am more than a 100% in agreement with the fact that if ETN announces it’s partnership with MTN, GLOBALCOM, AIRTEL or 9MOBILE the race to mass adoption (and I mean in 100s of millions) is 50% accomplished.

Reason is very simple. Nigerians love any technology that will make life easier. ETN is a perfect example. We have the numbers, not just any number, I mean ripe numbers.

We are already doing the publicity here. If the team choose to look to Africa, Nigeria is the best spot to land.

My 1cent


BUT…will those Nigerians buy ETN off of exchanges? If 200,000,000 Nigerians just mobile mine to get free air-dropped ETN, how does that help the price? If someone has no bank account, then they cannot purchase BTC/LTC/ETH with fiat to then move it to an exchange to buy ETN. I agree with the $10 price if a population of 100,000,000 people took to the exchanges to buy ETN.


Awesome nice work @user81 :+1: I think Richard should read this also @ETNCEO :sunglasses:


This is one of those situations where “trickle-down” economics may prove useful. There will of course be lots of mobile miners, and there will be some with the means of purchasing from exchanges.

This is then where the concept of currency velocity shines, because you’ll have the ETN from mobile miners changing hands, and an influx of ETN from exchanges being introduced to the market organically.

This, I believe, would be an almost ideal scenario. We don’t want a bubble to grow, only to pop down the road. What we need is organic growth for long-term gains, as well as true mass adoption.


My fellow Nigerians, una dey talk plenty. Bet9ja alone sef or NairaBet go make ETN a mass adopted coin. Over 10M bettings daily on Bet9ja and 5M on NairaBet. We Sabi the workings ni

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As of Nov 2018, there are estimated to be 2.7 billion smart phones worldwide. According to
Pretty big potential marketplace.

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