Movie talk-all year round


Loved spawn!
Want more


No, I heard it’s excellent but I haven’t gotten around to that as of yet.


Same here it could be really good if it’s done right.


Yeah even i loved it.Watched it a week ago but still i’ve got the ‘Alita’ vibes.
Waiting for the sequel.


I missed it and i regret that.Really loved the song though.


Note: This article has spoilers.

The movie maybe released in 2022(hopefully).


One of my coworkers was talking about this one yesterday. Sounds cool.

Came up after I brought up, Batman: The Animated Series from the 90s, and how I still watch it. Kevin Conroy is my all time favorite Batman afterall.

What’s everyone else’s favorite Batman?


This is considered to be the greatest batman comic.
A death in the family


Why i love Batman.


For you.


My favourite is Batman Beyond.



What’s a movie thread without talk about directors?

Even better, how about a rap battle between them?

Enjoy! (Probably not best to do so at work or in front of small children. Here’s another one for ya @The-Magic-Man)


It’s all about the money while I’m working I’m the sequel!


Yeah, really want to see again

There are plenty of manga you could read online


Going to watch tonight


Star wars: A light in the dark(rumour)



How was overlord?


Real good. N.azi zombies bro!

Man this forum is to pc. Na.zi isnt allowed