Movie talk-all year round


Around most of the Delta, no. A lot of the locals don’t even use the radio, but that has led to midairs in recent years, lost a friend to one, and I’ve had a few close calls myself. Might as well have some fun with it, might get people talking.

Bethel gets pretty congested for class D, between all the freight, med flights and air taxis. Controllers there are great though, very helpful and accommodating.


Posted this documentary in the aviation thread, surprised to see it in full on YouTube.

For fans of the Spitfire:



Watching this now, The Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration ft. Warren Haynes.

You see this yet @pete?

For those that don’t know, Warren Haynes was a guitarist for the Allman Brothers and founded Govt Mule.



Thats interesting , totally different plot twist.
I do like jj Abrams directing style . His reboot of the star trek franchise was amazing …


You just reminded me mentioning JJ, I loved Cloverfield and the movies attached to it. Also The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix was great.


Yeah great film …


I agree, I like the new Star Trek films. I think he did a really good job on them myself, looking forward to the next one.




The trailer was good but now that you pose this question I need to go back and watch it again with that in my head. I’ll watch it in a bit and then chime in on where or not I think it’s before or after.


No Likes left @CryptoRidz


New aliens,new droids.
I can’t wait for December.


Would you prefer Kylo Ren with/without the mask?


If its knights of ren with , if its him becoming good t
With rey then without


Curious to see how this Spawn reboot turns out too.


I brought this one up in the music thread earlier. Anybody ever see SLC Punk? Was one of my favorite movies in high school. A bit low budget, a bit drama, a bit comedy, a bit artsy, a bit romance, and even a bit documentary of the punk movement in the US in the 80s (1985 I think). Came out in the 90s with Matthew Lilliard, Devon Sawa, Til Schweiger and Chris McDonald. (Shooter McGavin anyone?)

(not the best trailer, but you get the idea)



That’s one comic book movie I would go see!

Soundtrack for the last one was killer too, wonder if theyd use a similar concept, artists from different genres collaborating. :thinking:


Did any of you guys watch the movie?


@CryptoRidz Spider-Man across the multiverse! :blush::+1:

Yeah I enjoyed it what about you!?


Nope but i watched Alita tonight at the movies. Was real excited due to reading the manga as a kid. Mrs liked it too which was a bonus. Really entertaining. I liked the love story too