Movie talk-all year round


I am loving it with the water bears and the multiverse who are the red angels?


No idea , maybe tilly has something to do with it


Not heard but know you have said I will look into it buddie!


Which is your favourite title?
Which one is the worst?@Plankton,@The-Magic-Man,@Metaforia,@J5Alive


My favourite is ‘Spark of hope’.
The worst is ‘Son of darkness’.


Number 2 is the worst and number 5 Empire is the best! But the new ones a right up there number 7 was brilliant! What about you @CryptoRidz

Also as a stand alone I loved the rebel plans one can’t rember the name off the top of my head!? Was it Rogue One?


REBELLION REBORN is my favourite
Order of Ren is my least favourite


Which one did you like the rumoured ‘Avengers Annihilation’ or ‘Avengers Endgame’?


Not seen it is it good I will have to search for it !


Not seen endgame yet so I need to catch up, so many films, kids and no time to go the cinema!!



The new order - best
The last hope - worst

My personal choice
The knight’s of ren… but that could be the next film


Looks really good! :sunglasses::+1:


Sent all the Iron man fans into meltdown.


Hmmm I’m thinking…

Order Of Ren

The Last Hope & Spark Of Hope

Bit of a tie for me there.



The saga continues.


Is it just me or does Darth Revan look cooler than Kylo Ren?



Wish this was true.@J5Alive


I actually had to look that one up, though I am a gamer I am way behind these days! That’s a cool idea though I like it.