Movie talk-all year round


What do you think about the new mutants?(movie)


I’ve been out the loop I think, is there a new one coming out then!? I will google a trailer!


It’s got Magik,wolfsbane etc.


Venom is on my to watch list. Pretty dec is it?


The first half is kinda slow but it needs the time.The second half is like an adrenaline rush,never before seen kinda fights.The last 20 minutes have probably never before seen action sequences in marvel.
Don’t miss the post-credits.


It’s much better than you think it’s going to be!


Well i’ve always liked Tom Hardy and his thing with masks. Dunkirk and Mad Max are amazing :heart_eyes:


Yep,Dunkirk was heavenly.

The Shepard Tones were absolutely manic.
Hans Zimmer’s my fav music director.


@CryptoRidz did you like marvels Legion it’s a weird one!!


I haven’t seen that one yet.But i’d like to watch it someday.


I saw on the news that there was a new cryptocurrency based show coming known as ‘Cryptos’.
Know anything about that,@The-Magic-Man


Ok ill post my favourites in pictures…
May take a while l



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What about groundhog dray @CryptoRidz brilliant movie right there!!


Fantastic movie !!!

Zombieland !!!


KP :heart:

ATTENTION Seniors, take your seats. ALPHABETICAL ORDER, NOW !



@CryptoRidz have you seen this ??

80s classic

Greetings, Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Kodan Armada.”


What was the question again!? Yes I like discovery! Star Treck rules!!


Discovery is imo one of the best to come out of the trek universe…

It’s plot , cast are fantastic . Loving the new season