Movie talk-all year round


Yeah, everything about Jedha was dope.


Yup hes also amazing in true dective which reminds me i need to watch season three


Dawn of the Dead remake is another a smashed a lot. Also watched Robert Romero’s Land of the Dead a lot too


Have you seen Shaun of the Dead and Train to Busan?
I liked Train to Busan even though it’s Korean


Yup. Theres a newer korean zombie movie that came out late last year i havn’t seen yet call Rampant


Once upon a time in hollywood.

Leo di Caprio and Brad Pitt on the same set.This one i should’nt miss.


What did you think of the Far from home trailer?
Mysterio was pretty different from what was expected.


Not seen that one yet it’s on my to do do list now thought! Did you every watch the princesses bride? So dead pool once upon a made sense!?

If not it’s one to Watch!


No,i even missed Once upon a Deadpool.
It’s glad to see Nick and Happy in far from home.


Looks good!!


Who’d you prefer Andrew Garfield or Tom holland as spidey?


The new one is the best he has that teenage attitude that spidy has! Cool :sunglasses:


The last one was flimsical and weak in my opinion!


Which hulk did you prefer!? I liked the one in avengers!


Even me.
Hulk was cool in Thor 3.
We’ll see Dr.Hulk in Endgame.


@CryptoRidz Hulk in the avengers is a true character and not the other films, it’s what I meant about Marvel and true Stan Lee movies.


We just dont see that Hulk: Smash,Smash,Smash.


Yeah if I remember correctly there has been 4 hulks to my knowledge and the films were bad until the avengers. I enjoyed watching them just they were not true to the comics.


I really loved Venom.
It was probably the most under rated movie last year.Though it was the best origin movie.


Oh I liked it a lot it actually told a story and got you invested in the characters! It stood on its own two feet as a movie and in the marvel universe.