Movie talk-all year round


I loved Night Of The Living dead, classic version and the remake. Others I enjoyed a lot are the Dawn Of The Dead remake, the original while good for it’s time I think wasn’t quite there for me. I find fast zombies much more intimidating than slow ones you can literally walk away from.

I’ll also add 28 days later was pretty good too, but atm I’m a little burnt out on zombies, I love it but there’s just so much of it these days I gotta take a break from it sometimes.


That is pretty cool, though I agree on Spectre, idk the new ones to me just lack that feeling which you can’t replace. I’ll always be a classic bond fan over the new ones.


Favourite actor that’s a hard one! Only Because of the roles he plays I would go for Harrison Ford, but Christian Bale is very good and apparently stays in role until the Movie is finished.


Fallout was probably the best movie last year


Waiting for that Bale, Damon movie in the summer.


I will stick it on later what is it about!?


Ford v Ferrari.
It’s a biography.


I enjoyed Damon most in The Bourne Series.

The Bourne Ultimatum was the best


Wish i could travel back in time and watch all the classics again.I wasn’t even born yet.


Any of you guys watching ‘Cold Pursuit’?
I’ve never seen a Liam Neeson movie in the theatre as all of them are rated 18+.


There’s been talk of a palaptine involvement in SW9.Do you buy that?


I think they may do a tie in they did it in with the Darth Vader Scene pre SW4 where he was hard, good scene I thought. Disney likes to keep things linear so would make a lot of sense to me.


Use to read the manga. Keen for this!


Which is your favourite movie and moment?


Uniting the force.
Is there a possibilty that there might be a common enemy?

Anti-Force talks.


I could never imagine Kylo and Rey on the same side.
Even though we got clues about that in TLJ.
There’s been talks of ‘The Beyond’.


Hmmm probably rogue one


Love Akira too and golden eye


I really loved Chirrut.
Too bad we don’t have guys like him in the current saga.


I think one movie worth watching this year would be zombieland2.
Great to see Jesse and Woody harrelson together again.
I really liked Woody in Solo as Beckett.