Movie talk-all year round


Christopher Nolan’s my favourite director
Hans Zimmer and him make the recipe for a blockbuster hit.


I like all sorts but sci-fi sci-fact and fantasy are my favourites action is a must in all.


Yep.Same here.
There’s been talk of a Kenobi movie.Is it true?


I think I’ve lost count on how many times just watched a lot of them loads!


Yeah I have been told it’s slow but not seen or read up on it so might not be true!??


The ‘Boba fett’ movie was scrapped off.It would have been cool.
Solo was also epic but the reception wasn’t great.


There’s supposed to be a Solo sequel with that amazing Darth maul cameo in the end.


You, as young. I recommend, Reservoir Dogs. Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Lock Stockn Two Smoking barrels. Boondock Saints.
Classic cult masterpieces


Cant wait for GB3! :smiley:


Which movies would you watch in the theatre this year?


We’ve got an MiB movie coming without Will Smith and we’ve got a POTC movie without Johnny Depp.


Whose your favourite actor of all time?

I think Tom cruise would be the one for me.


I actually think the new MIB could be pretty cool, from the trailer it seems to have kept the original vibe which I found really entertaining, I’m going to give it a shot for sure.


Is anybody waiting for World War Z 2?
I’ve been waiting forever.


Which is your fav Bond movie?


Actually I wasn’t a fan of the first personally, just couldn’t get into that one myself.

The second has been cancelled unfortunately.


What the hell?
I am shocked.Probably the best zombie movie but doesn’t get a sequel


That’s a tough one I like many of them, though my favorite actors portraying bond were Sean Connery & Roger Moore. I wasn’t too big on the latest ones that have come out, just didn’t have that classic Bond feel.


Skyfall was good.Die another day my fav.

Spectre - i ended up yawning.


I’ve seen Craig up close when i went to the premiere of Spectre in my city

Could’nt ask for an autograph.