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The Stqr wars trailer is finally here.

The rise of Skywalker.
Seems like a perfect end to the saga.




Good morning @CaptainMarvel, sorry I’ve been quiet here as of late.

I’m probably not as picky as most on Starwars I’ve enjoyed most of the news ones
quite a bit in general and think JJ has does a good job. Just watched it, looks

Also I wanted to add this if you’re not aware Disneys new streaming service is going to
do a few Starwars tv shows that’ll be exclusive to their new platform, it’s pretty cheap at
7$ a month so I’ll probably do when it comes out in November. Also, they’ll be adding bundle
packages since they also apparently now own Hulu with the acquisition of Fox so you can get
both services. Hulu will be more for the adult r-rated material and the new one will be ones that
are a little more family friendly.

That includes some previously known titles, like its Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian and a Rogue One prequel with Diego Luna

I’ll add that it’d be nice to see ETN accepted as a payment for this one day too.

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No one’s ever really gone.

As suspected,that epic Palaptine laugh at the end says it all.

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It’s going to be amazing…

I hope j.j finishes off the saga well.



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Cooooome ooooooon Hawkeye/Ronin, Don’t let your old pal Shorie down!!! The excitement is sooo real for this movie! jeremy%20renner



Is that you? @Shore_Fire_Bet
Really cool.:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Awesome.I bet that would have been a great day.
Even i like Renner.



Yeah, it was really cool to meet him! Amazing guy - so nice, even with the jetlag :rofl:

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