Movie talk-all year round


Told you to get your handkerchief.


31 days to go.

Hulk vs Thanos.

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ARE YOU SURE that they will fight again?

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Well , i hope.
We barely saw the Hulk for like 5 seconds in infinity war , so i think a rematch is certainly on the cards.
Who’s your favourite superhero @PEACE?

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yes i hope too,
maybe: hulk, stark, and also like thor and ofc groot btw did you see groot voice in my application?

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Yeah .
Really cool.
Everything in the game seems perfect.


Really hard to see all the old guys go in endgame.
Cap’s been my favourite till now.
After this , Captain Marvel will be no.1 for me.
I really loved the movie.


i wonder when i watch cap amrvel bec i havnt seen it


The movie was spectacular.
Watching a young Fury was awesome.Captain Marvel is just pure power and the suit , my god amazing.On top of that Kree , Skrulls , Ronan.
Perfect. @PEACE

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Endgame is 3 hours long.

31 days to go.
Can’t wait to see Ronin in action

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30 days to go.

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it definitely will be number 1 movie from marvel in every aspects!!!

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Wakanda Forever.

29 days to go.

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somehow i know that picture haha

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28 days to go.


Celebrating 80 years of Batman.

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The World’s Greatest Detective.

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25 days to go