Movie talk-all year round


Any thoughts?


I feel sorry for leto . They cut some dam good joker scenes from suicide squad. Then they ditch the joker movie , i liked his joker . A mixture of them all put together

Hes a great actor and musician


Thats another shame , Afflecks batman was rather good. He looked good in the cowl… d.c either has big surprises coming or is in serious problems


I’d prefer Ben Affleck as Daredevil.





Good things are on the way!



No, not seen that, I actually don’t keep up that much with the various post-Garcia reformations, spin-off, tribute bands etc… there is still so much to discover with “proper” GD music, even now!

Though I did enjoy the Other Ones, the first time they got back together, that was a good band.


Did you watch Captain Marvel?


@CaptainMarvel Not yet but I plan on it soon! :blush::+1:


CryptoRidz is NOW CaptainMarvel.


I checked your name and still says! :sunglasses::+1:


Whatever it takes.

Hope you guys bring your handkerchiefs to the theatre.



I wished for more Cap Marvel in the trailer.
Looks like they’re saving the best for the last

They look like they’re preparing to enter the quantum realm.
Widow’s and Ronin’s hairstyles suggest there might be a time jump.

What do you think about the trailer,@The-Magic-Man


@CaptainMarvel Looks really good I want to watch it as soon as I can :blush::+1:


The trailer’s in the link(article).@The-Magic-Man


I saw the trailer and it looks good I want to watch the film now. :sunglasses::+1:


You’re gonna have to wait 41 days.
Next i want to see is a Star wars trailer.