Movie talk-all year round


I’ll definitely watch it then.


I highly recommend it



I hope it’s not a light in the dark, would just make me think of this:



Whose your favourite spidey?


I’m having a hard time choosing between Spider man 2099

and spider man noir


Tom holland , for me he brings the spiderman comedy out very well.


I’m talking about the spider-verse: Spider man 2099, Spidergwen,Spider ham,Miles morales,spider man noir etc


Oh right hahahah

Spiderman 2099

That looks sweeet

Dam smart suit


Within the “confines” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: of the Spider-Verse, i’d have to say Noir.

The time period, culture, cars, and other vehicles and tech. Dark over tones. The whole noir style. One of the reasons Batman the animated series is still my favorite.


One thing i love about Miles Morales is that he can become invisible kinda like an iron man suit having retro-reflection panels.

Spidey vs Venom.
How cool is that!


I like the way they are expanding the spideyverse… the character has so much to tell. Same as star wars if done right the future of the genres can go on and on


I just hope that Marvel brings the X-men and the Avengers together.
That would be like a dream come true.


Another epic guy from the spidey verse.



The original infinity war.
Wolverine,Fantastic four,Avengers,X-Men.
Could you ask for anything better?


Cross over would be sweet …

Would be very interesting…

I also like guardian’s of the galaxy



I’ve only seen the cartoons as a kid and the movies so I’m not really familiar with all the various versions. Though film wise I’ll concur with @Plankton, I think Tom did a really good job with the character.


The DC universe is in shackles.
What happens next?


Another good movie, Gone!