Movie talk-all year round


Interesting. It’s in my Netflix queue, probably have to wait until the weekend. Although tomorrow is shaping up to be a snow day here. :cloud_with_snow::snowflake::snowman_with_snow:


Solo was awesome , some people didnt get it . Same as rogue 1 …

I look forward to the last of the new trilogy. And definitely looking forward to the new direction in the star wars universe.


Don’t forget the Kenobi movie.
What i like about star wars is if you go deep into each character , everyone has their own story to tell.So you could have like hundreds of movies in the anthology series.


Grear to see we have so many star wars ‘geeks’ in this community.
Makes me realize that we have a lot more in common than just crypto.@Plankton


Very true , the droid comic series was great and could go in that direction . Wookies , ewoks , jawas yeah the list is endless…

I would like to see different planets more new Jedi order , knights of ren etc etc


This might belong in my aviation thread, but in Western Alaska, there’s a village called Chuatbaluk (Chew-ath-buh-luck). To save time making position announcements in the pattern, we just call it “Chewy.” Meanwhile some pilots make their best chewbacca sounds:

“Chewy traffic, this is Cessna 1234 on left base runway 9, Chewy, RAWRGWAWGGR”

More than once have we gotten 2-3 planes together in formation where you’d here “Red 5 checking in!”

Let alone the village Shageluk which we call, you guessed it, “Shaggy”

“Zoinks Scoob!”

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There is a direct sequel to Coming To America being worked on now did you know that? Check it out.


Whoa! Totally missed that one. Blocked by company’s content filtering… To the phone!


Interested. Just hope they don’t screw it up. There’s so many sequels and remakes lately.

Haven’t seen much from Eddie Murphy lately. I think Arsenio Hall was hosting a game show or something. James Earl Jones is still alive and kicking, had a fun cameo on Big Bang Theory a few years back.


I loved the first one, I agree though, hopefully they do it properly. Though reading the article I am cautiously optimistic.


Is there ever enough air traffic that ATC has to “just hold them off for a few more seconds”?


No way !!!

2020 is movie year… nice share thankyou


Around most of the Delta, no. A lot of the locals don’t even use the radio, but that has led to midairs in recent years, lost a friend to one, and I’ve had a few close calls myself. Might as well have some fun with it, might get people talking.

Bethel gets pretty congested for class D, between all the freight, med flights and air taxis. Controllers there are great though, very helpful and accommodating.


Posted this documentary in the aviation thread, surprised to see it in full on YouTube.

For fans of the Spitfire:



Watching this now, The Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration ft. Warren Haynes.

You see this yet @pete?

For those that don’t know, Warren Haynes was a guitarist for the Allman Brothers and founded Govt Mule.



Thats interesting , totally different plot twist.
I do like jj Abrams directing style . His reboot of the star trek franchise was amazing …


You just reminded me mentioning JJ, I loved Cloverfield and the movies attached to it. Also The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix was great.


Yeah great film …