Movie talk-all year round


Talk everythin about movies.
I want to hear it all and i want to see it all.


Talk everythin from star wars to lotr.
No boundaries.


I’m game for this discussion since I’m a movie fanatic in general lol, I watch a lot.


Whose side did you choose in Civil war?
I was for Cap.


Remember this is a no-barred discussion.
You can suggest anything from the 1960’s to this year.


In a way, I understood both sides they both had some valid points on how to handle things. So I’d say for me at least I didn’t 100% lean either way.


Great thread love movies and Seasons on TV if they are included too!?


Like i said no-bars.



Good movies don’t always have the best audiences.


Marvel fans are in for a bummer at the end of endgame.


That’s one I want to see don’t spoil it!! Please :blush::v:


I’ll make sure i won’t put any spoilers here.


Cheers bud, have you watched the classics like the Raiders of the lost art set and Back to the Future Set?


What your most favourite 3 movies of all time?


Definitely.Back to the future is one of my favs.


Star wars 4.
Lotr 3.


My star wars movie count.
1.Star wars 1- 4 times.
2. STAR WARS 2 - 3 times
3.Star wars 3- 5 times.
4Rogue one -8 times.
5. Last jedi - 3 times
6. Sw V - 10 times.
7. Sw VI - 9 times
8. SW IV - 14 times


Are you a fantasy guy?


Empire Strikes Back was my favourite Star Was because the director was Irvin Kershner and it was the bleakest one. Back the future because there wasn’t one line of script that didn’t further the plot and Raiders of the Lost Ark… SW4 is up there too though.