Motorcycle Talk/ Show and Tell


Inspired by @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 car thread, figured I’d start one for bikes. Ok trikes can come too…

So, what bikes do you like, own, have owned, ride daily, on or off road, or will buy and drive when moon. :slight_smile:

Instead of “When Lambo,” how about when Ninja H2R, Cafe build, Moto GP team, so on?

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Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

My daily is a Versys 650, nothing special but a competent do all/ commuter bike.

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Suddenly we got a thread with some real us case lol

This is my bike i bought in brand new and it was a transformation from the old FZR1000, when we moon i might get a new one …bigger one :slight_smile:

First Annual Electroneum Gala

Don’t have a decent picture at the moment, maybe to the trained eye at least make might be obvious though.

Vintage BMW R45 going through transformation to one day (next summer, fingers crossed) to become a Scrambler with some nice details. Will post more pictures during winter as the job progresses.


Nice! I saw these at the dealer, but felt they were a bit big for what I wanted at the time. I had a dual sport kick going for a couple years before i decided to go to a light adv and a dedicated off roader separately. I have been considering an Africa Twin lately, but if we’re talking moon, why have only one? You can fit a lot more bikes than cars in the garage.

How does she ride?


OOoooOOOoo. Looking forward to seeing more. There’s an old XS750 siitng nearby that I have been considering a scrambler build on as well…


She rides ok, a bit under power for what i am use to, good for standing and riding, she dos most ok but nothing perfect. African Twin or a BMW is next if the money comes.

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had a 1968 bultaco sherpa 250 about 25 years ago… :slight_smile: miss it :sleepy:

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Ooo, they’re gorgeous! That would fit right in on the set of the original “On Any Sunday.” Don’t see too many for sale around here, usually fetch at least $3k.

All out of :green_heart: 's for today…


1985 Suzuki 250 RMX motor cross racing bike. This bike is crazy fast scares me to ride it goes about 80 in second gear it has 4 gears. This bike is only recommended for those that can handle such power.This bike is a 2 stroke and starts right up and did I mention it is first on race day fast fast.


@ 3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7

1968 Bultaco SHERPA S 200

Bored out to almost a 250
New Rings, All internal Bearings, New Piston, Piston Rings, New Exhaust, Rebuilt Carburetor, Tank and seat.
I also have a very rare Bultaco PURSANG MK3 250 1968 racing motor
1968 Bultaco SHERPA S 200
This bike is a blast from the past and anyone who owned one back in the day has nothing but good to say about them.


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My Bultaco sherpa below can be yours for 4,500,000. ETN


Yup that’s it, mine was blue/white.

How long you had her?


Looks like it’s missing a pipe to the air box under the seat. Mine was the same just open carb. The odd junk of mud through the block didn’t seem to matter.

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Ah, I’ve come to love 2 smokers.

Is it still set up for mx or have you tuned/ add a flywheel weight for woods riding? It would be perfect for vintage racing classes.

My current offroader started as KDX 220R. A wreck sidelined me for a bit, turns out “tree hugging” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Now it’s in pieces along side a KX125 doing some KDX-MX hybrid surgery.

(Pre-wreck in hare scramble form)

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Had this one for about 10 years bought from a friend that had it for 30 years


I was looking at the Kawasaki’s when I found the Suzuki. I like the power boost of the 2 stroke burst of untethered power. Wango Tango!

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Absolutely! Took me a bit to get used to. Mine used to pull the front wheel up when it got on the pipe and would have to plan ahead. After doing the RB mods, it doesn’t, but there’s much more “area under the curve” so to speak. I’ve heard some of the modern 4 strokes have been tuned to have a sort of power band (WR250), but I honestly don’t have much interest in em. Just something special about a 2 stroke.


Out of Love :heart::heart::chipmunk::chipmunk::heart::heart::chipmunk::chipmunk::rocket:

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27°F at my house this morning, tired of being a cager, rode in anway! :grin::grin::grin:

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