Mother's Day Gift Ideas 😍

Hey everyone!

AnyTask is already off to an amazing start. Despite still being in BETA, we have welcomed more than 140,000 users worldwide and listed 2,300 tasks.

It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on 22 March, so this is an opportunity to show the world how digital skills costing as little as $1 can make wonderful personalised gifts for your loved ones.

Here are just some of the digital skills we’ve handpicked for the occasion:

  • Make her smile by bringing an old precious photo back to life with photo colourisation. For just $5 (£4*), seller photoshop1, turns black and white pictures into vivid, beautiful images. Simply put it in a frame, so she can treasure it forever.

  • Create a fun twist on your own or loved one’s pictures with personal caricatures from netorobatto for just $10 (£8*). Great for cards, t-shirts and more.

  • If you’re sending your gift across the miles, spend $10 (£8*) for an animated video with a personalised message, from her beloved dog or cat (or even her favourite celebrity) from iamgadel.

  • Or if she loves horoscopes, for just $3 (£2.50*) you can get her a detailed professional astrology report from vladirmirhf and let her know what the stars have in line for her.

  • Make pictures of your special memories even more stunning for just $5 (£4*) with photoediting and special effects from has.

(*GBP price is based on approximate exchange rate at the time of send.)

Plus, many of our sellers are talented experts from all walks of life, with AnyTask being their first chance at selling skills online. Buying digital tasks on AnyTask can have a positive impact on those who are unbanked and may live below the line of poverty. So, as well as finding a wonderful gift for your someone special, you’re also making a difference.

Please help us by ordering some of these tasks for yourself or for gifts and sharing the results with your friends, family and colleagues.

You could help us further by sharing your results on social media. Be sure to use #MothersDay and #AnyTask and we’ll share your post!

Thanks everyone!

Thanks for sharing the information @LauraElectroneum

Will tweet this out and share it all over…



Thanks @Plankton - let’s hope people get to see all the ways AnyTask can add value :slight_smile:

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