Morphlo's Gallery of Lightning


Greetings Electronians! :smile:
I have a passion for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Imaginary Landscapes, Creatures, and all the right color combos. Pair this with My Love for Electroneum, and I have found Myself a great hobby!

While I have Original Work, I do find Myself remixing illustrations that Other wonderful Artists have put in the good time to create from scratch, so please don’t monetize these images as They are only edits for the sake of distributing some positive energy into the ETN Community! So enjoy Them, but don’t abuse Them please!

I guess I am trying to find out how many different ways I can present the ETN Logo and Tagline! Haha

I took the Black Ranger through quite the makeover, moved Him to another city and made a fresh take on the logo. Meet ETN001
Much larger version can be found at:

Fight The Dump! Wanted to show My support for M-Kid and the Entire League of Legends with a simple recolor and Logo/Text placement. You da best, M!

This was originally going to be the Male counterpart to the ‘Fight The Dump!’ work above. Ran with a different tag line for this one.

Messing around with different effects and filters. This one has a nice acrylic paint look to it. I like it, it’s simple enough!

_I will continue adding to this thread as more ETN Themed work is created. Stay tuned and I hope You enjoy! :slight_smile: _


Fantastic!!! These are amazing


Hey there bud! Fantastic work as always!
You are quite a talent! Keep it up!


Thank You Both very much!
@Cryptoniffler You’ve been there since damn near the beginning. Glad I could be of some service :point_up:


Yep, been a OG. Got in on the ICO…
And the addiction is only getting worse.:grin:


Congratulations very well maked. Maybe soon we go to Moon and then Mars :slight_smile:


Superb work mate… we need alot of people like u…


the third picture is super cool… got a smile on my face


I will use the first picture for my background :open_mouth:


Amazing pictures. Best quality :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank You so much :blush::heart:
You are an inspiration in the quest to bring more value to The Community :pray:


Haha glad You like it Mate. I really enjoyed editing this one and actually I had a phone BG in mind the whole time :v:


Enjoy and thanks a Million :heartbeat::zap:


Do you have more pictures coming soon?


Amazing good luck etn


These are awesome! Especially love the power ranger.