More then 51 percent


I know I have asked before but this is cause for concern is it not, should etn do something pro-active to distribute the mining power? Or can they even?


f2pool has more than 51% of the reporting pools, but as you can see the network hash rate is 4.13GH/s while the pools only have 3.76GH/s, so there are probably one or more solo mining operation taking place outside the pools that is preventing f2pool of having more than 51%.

But yeah, the distribution could be better.


Answered a similar question here:


Chinese centralisation! need more competitive asic miners out there to combat Chinese domination, sha256 asic miner manufacturers are combating bitmain domination with new hardware from the likes of GMO mining and tmgcore using subversive cooling techniques


what if they are now at 70 percent hashing power of the network?