More speculation


As many of you might already know, ETN had a very brief cameo in Part 1 of CNBCs documentary called bitcoin boom or bust. Electroneum was shown on screen in a list with other crypto currencies very briefly, but for enough time for people to see and process the name Electroneum.

My question is when Richard announced a camera crew was visiting the ETN office for a documentary a few months ago to see a demonstration of the instant payment system, was it the CNBC crew? will ETN feature more in the upcoming CNBC documentary?

We can only wait and see.


Maybe @a46d780ca9c84529fd78 they could have filmed anything it could also have been all the video’s they put out for all of us staring Richard explaining things to us even tho i think they do that all by them selfs we just have to wait and see what Richard will have for us in the future to be released :sunglasses:


Nope it was a documentary called beyond bitcoin. You can find out more from Twitter.


are they in Post production or its finished?


I tweeted them but no reply. I think it is an on going projects.


I was looking for it to I’m curious about it if it would come out :sunglasses: