More Currencies Within the ETN App

Hello Electroneum Team, Admins, good people and Heads of ETN. I greet you.

Hope your week is coming along well. :blush:

I have a few concerns that I’d like to point out.

Thank you for the strides you have done and the progress you have made in Electroneum so far. Updates to the App have been superb and it looks fresh, clean & professional. I long for the day when 1 ETN = $1 then 1 ETN = $10 and then 1 ETN = $20 and so on.

In the Electroneum App, when I click on More, then Currency. Or More, then Stats Calculators & Exchanges, then I click on the Exchange symbol, under the option ‘Select Currency’, I don’t see the Kenyan Shilling Currency. Kenya is an Economic Leader in the East African region and was the 1st country in the world to ever develop Digital Currency In the form of MPESA. Please include the Kenya Shilling as well as Uganda & Tanzania Shilling among the options of currencies.

Apart from South Africa, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria & South Africa, most of which are west African countries, there is not even a single East African country on the list.

Please acknowledge and include the countries of East Africa in the list because they not only have growth potential but East Africa is a Leader & Pathfinder in the field of Digital Currencies

I am Kindly awaiting your feedback
Thank you

Kind Regards,

@Rach can you assist … @MSystem

Many thanks …

Welcome to the community @JMburu . We hope you find it to your liking…

Enjoy your stay.


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