More awesome fan art!


Made this for the ETN242 but never submitted it, doh! Should have done cos it got around 200 likes hahaAinsley%20Harriot%20Electroneum


This one is from


I liked that one @Aironeous :hushed: i saw it already but Its amazing




Taken from IMGUR - give there like too ( )- but i love it and need to post it here. Meet ETN-001 and more info where i find it is here:


WOW - I like this a lot


Team just can retweet original post from white coins… Link above



Wooot wooot! So nice!

Advertisement at ease! Without a doubt Neighbors are going to wonder what that is! All you gotta do is sit on your porch and sip on some nice tea and await questions :joy:


They already own it :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:





This is my web comic
Moonstruck: A werewolf survival guide
I’m launching on webtoon Tonight!
Along with pateron I will be letting my readers know about ETN and crypto currency in general. Of course I will be accepting donations in ETN :hugs:
I’m just doing my part to spread the word! Happy Halloween everyone! See you on webtoon tomarrow if you have the app!


Many articles have come out about ETN with some accompanying art.
CryptoCoinSpy etn_sound_ripple



Someone on steemit

Bitcoinexchangeguide ETN_changeorg


There is plenty more if you do a google search and click on images.


Wow, alot nice here​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks to mr @951fee176ccd18ad82e4
For job done. Spot on what i wanted, i’ll keep it for myself! :smile::smile:


Here’s the result of my wish. Thanks @951fee176ccd18ad82e4, maybe a christmas Etn next?