Mobile Wallet Providers


This post is for someone on staff at Electroneum Corporate Office. I didn’t know how else to get it to you. I saw this article today on Business Insider. I thought it might be useful to you.

“Why are Apple Pay, Starbucks’ app, and Samsung Pay so much more successful than other mobile wallet providers?”

I wanted to include the link but it won’t allow me to do so.

It is on today’s Business Insider .com


This is a pretty good article I found the link. :zap:


Thank you. How do we get someone from Electroneum to see it? I think the information could be helpful to them.



This is a pretty good read and imo NFC would be a huge addition :zap:


Okay, thank you so much PrestoCrypto.


No problem :+1: Happy New Year ! :zap:


And the same to you. :grinning:


Welcome to the community forum by the way! :zap: If you have any questions there are many helpful people here :+1: stop in on some of our other topics we like hearing from new users of the forum and conversating about Electroneum :zap:


Oh, are you from Electroneum? I didn’t realize. I thought you were another poster answering my post.
Is it possible to get the article I posted about to the corporate office, in case it could be valuable to them?

And thank you for welcoming me to the forum. If I find anything else of interest or have any questions, I will certainly post about it.


No I don’t work for Electroneum I was just answering your post :+1:


Oh, okay, thanks. You sounded so “official”. LOL LOL


Well thank you haha if you want to add another link you can do so in a comment here and use the @ such as I did and they will see. Do not spam them though they are very busy but if it’s worth them reading I’m sure they will :+1:


Thank you. This is great to know.
I won’t spam them, don’t worry. LOL LOL
If I find anything else that might be of interest to them I will use the @,
Thanks again, you’ve been so helpful.
I really appreciate it.


No problem I’m glad to help :+1: