mobile to mobile transfer not processed even after several attempts

i am from india with great hopes for Electroneum. i accidentally stumbled upon Electroneum and downloaded without referal code. i have introduced it to my 13 friends who downloaded and got coins. we tried many times but unable to transfer even amongst us

@BegaMutex can you shed any light on this? Cheers. W.

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No reports of any issues with sending that i’m aware of, as with all account related queries, one for

(don’t forget to create a support account, not try and use your wallet - different systems)


Thank’s @BegaMutex it’s always great to have someone to comment who is in the know. :+1:


Stick with it, ETN is going to be life changing for a lot of people. The more we use it the more we help the eco system. ETN is very efficient and easy to use. I assure you that it must be a minor issue. Keep it up on the recruiting part. There are many places to spend ETN and plenty more will follow. People are already buying food and groceries.


Do you need to do kyc first for the send to work?

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