Mobile phone operators

It will only takes a push of a button with the phone operators to reach 10s of millions of people.

An example my phone provider is Three on Their app when I signed in there was an offer for free coffee and cake with one of Their partners. The offer was at Valerie’s patisseries that’s probably about $10 worth. For free…!!!

Believe me I don’t sign up for just anything but free coffee and cake I couldn’t resist.

So the point is once the mobile phone operators push free money toward Their phone bill the consumer will not be able to resist hence, 10s of millions of users in a very small space of time are signed up WOW…!!!

It’s that easy think about it. Your comments are appreciated.

Businesses and cryptos will be begging to partner with Electroneum…

Electroneum the true crypto game changer…!!!

I have no doubt In Electroneum and the team behind it.
Together we shall rise!


One morning, you will wake up to check the price, and you’ll see a major green candle, and then the fomo begins and I can finally buy my lambo


I agree they can push their marketing really far togheter with mobile operators and then sooner or later the price Will follow up :rocket:


I hope my phone company (Telenor) will offer ETN and then we got it in Norway.

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Nice post…Nicely put…AND …It makes sense !! :sunglasses::sunglasses::+1::+1:

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Electroneum mastercard yerini alacak…

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