Mobile operator partner with ETN in South Africa


Vote yes for ETN to partner with a mobile operator in South Africa, real use case is coming. :waxing_crescent_moon: moon soon

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

Ah, I;m from South Africe! Over the moon, I am am forwarding the email to all I know, comon SA, do the YES button :slight_smile:


Vote where ?

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Tika, can you confirm the email came from Electroneum? Many thanks


Awesome Sauce! Keep the ETN machine a rolling!!!


Yes, all my friends and family got it? Here is the email address: Richard Ells the email states that you only have to click Yes or No, so no danger of logging in, or giving info?


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Thanks very much Tika


I didn’t recieve any email to vote…

My NO REPLY address usually associated with Electroneum is
and not

without the word email contained within, as posted in previous post above.

Sounds phishy


Hmmm. 20 characters.


Already a post on this topic #ideas-recommendations


If it’s phishy then it has been for a while. Given that previous news has come from

It should be safe.


Never received the email, might it be a geographic thing ?


Not sure. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. Very excited to see what happens!


This mail receive only people from South Africa we have there it seems some MVNO and they offer like they write in mail some benefit if there is demand for ETN payment solution…


Howzit people…Clicked Yes straight away of course…Lets see where this can go…Very Excited…!!!


I first thought it was some kind of Scam because i wondered why after clicking yes you were directed to the Home page where you can Also log into your account…!! Just to be certain i typed in www.electroneum .com and it sent me to the same page where the Address was the same except for the #YES…
Got to be very aware nowadays…lots of clever sneaky people out there…!!


So true, scary that we cannot trust anymore? but, yes, I hope all in South Africa got the mail and do there part. I wonder if they only need to see how big the support is for ETN users? The support from those who need it most, wont be part of this survey?


I Agree 100%…They need to get the message across to the masses out there who wont get this e-mail…


Better to always be safe and not be afraid to ask questions if in any tiny bit of doubt.

This community is usually very helpful and patient - so checking to be safe makes sense.