Mobile Minner disconnect issue


@Admin Begamutex close my topic, not possible talk about my problem.
First, you Ban me without advertesing on Telegram and later close my threat, really, keep calm.
¿More people have slow login, connection issues with miner, and error messages sometimes ? Really only happen to me? I think no :slight_smile:


Are you really building your future with those 10 ETN received once every 3 days or so from the mobile app?
I think not, so this isn’t a big issue actually.


Im talking about android app, not only miner, when you are freelance and usé electroneum to paid and receive paid you Will understand me, not necessary say stupid thinks if you can help :slight_smile:


What version of Android are using people with this problems? I have similar issues with Android 8.1 Oreo


Ok, regardless of the miner, what else is not working on the app?
Mind your words please.


Sometimes , repeat, not always, app start and its impossible login, high traffic issue , other times , you cant pass from PIN screen, and sometimes miner disconnect or cant start miner.
Im using android 8, and you?


I have only Android 7. There were some issue with the app several days ago, with the high traffic and others, but that is long gone.


There is another thread on this topic here:


Just now its not working