Mobile mining pool size


Hey guys, can anyone show me where the documentation is on how big the mobile mining pool is?


Not sure where the documentation might be. Things you should know that might answer your question.
The mobile miner is simulated mining. It does not mine on the blockchain. It draws coins at a measured rate from a pool that can be best described as the advertising budget. I believe the target amount of etn you will get can vary based on price. The goal is around 3 us dollars a month in etn from the mobile miner. Your results may vary.
I am showing 122740 active miners at the moment.
Hope this helped.


oh yes, I know all this. I am WELL versed in ETN. I’m discussing with a fudder that has basically asked for proof that the mobile mining pool has a limited pool. I saw the breakdown a long time ago (maybe on the original whitepaper?)


Sorry, Cryptoman976. I had not looked at your handle or I would have answered differently. I know you know what you are doing. Still it looks like my reply helped at least one person already.


Maybe this link will help with the fudder.


yeah, I showed him that and we had a discussion about it…but he wants proof the mobile mining pool is limited. He keeps talking about emissions curves and value drops because it’s just giving away free money forever…which we all know is not the case. So I wouldl ike to show him concrete evidence (which I have seen in the past) that the mobile mining pool is limited and will end eventually.


The MM is giving up to $3 per month and there are around 7 billion premined coins reserved for it.


excellent! Where does it say the 7 billion pool figure?


I remember seeing in the past something about this too. Thing is with fudders is they have a mining centric view of how a coin works all to often. I mine, but I understand the importance of advertising to get to mass adoption. And I would love to see the source on the 7 billion figure too.


Exactly, I remember seeing the figures and it showing the pool’s life expectancy to be around 3-5 years.


No matter what I say, the fudder just goes another direction with an extreme case that isn’t even plausible or contains any facts whatsoever…so I’m not worried about trying to continue the conversation with him.

I am, however, interested in seeing those figures for future use when having a normal discussion with rational people :slight_smile:


I found this reddit thread that might help.

12.6 billion premine with 6.3 billion reserved for ICO.
But yeah fudders will fud. ETN has been a fud target because it is doing things differently. I can understand folks having been nervous a year ago. But now to hang onto that fud? Some people take longer than others to own up to being wrong.


yeah, I don’t want to use a reddit as official documentation…that just opens the door for more irrelevant fud. But I do appreciate you pointing that out:)


kinda official answer from ETN repo on github was that the premined amount is a bit under 8 billion ETN


That is beautiful, thank you!