Mobile mining number

It is very strange.

Why mobile mining number is not incresing than before.
I remember at most 170,000 around.
But now always 120,000 ~ 130,000.

Can anybody explain me exactly?

I am guessing here, the mining as it is now cost to much for the un-banked, the amount of ETN received is not enough to cover the running cost (unless you have wifi, which the un-banked most probably don’t have) The second reason for me is that the team will focus on the cloud mining process to come, this will be the structure that will propel the mining numbers to the moon?

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Electroneum made one more verification step to avoid multi accounting so now we are all REAL PEOPLE. :slight_smile: have a good day

Record was in June over 180K… Richard say in interview that now they give up to 1,5$ per Month… and you see bleding market… so the numbers go a little down…