Mobile Mining has slowed to a crawl


I’ve been in ETN since the ICO … love it. My question is what has happened to mobile mining?

I have been using the mobile miner since its was available and up until 9/12/18 was receiving approx. 10 ETN every other day or third day. My last receipt of 10.98 ETN was on 9/12 and now 12 days later I have only 5.36 ETN pending, which projects the next 10ETN payout won’t be until approx. 10/6/18, 24 days from last!

… so we went from 10ETN every two/three days to 10ETN every 24/25 days.

What is happening?


Perhaps they are anticipating higher prices and are starting to adjust the flow of coins alongside of a series of news releases that will start very soon.
Just my guess, though.


They will always adjust the payout based on ETN’s current price and since it has shot up recently they are probably tinkering with the mobile miner. Mine has also slowed down


Within 2 days I mined over 2.5 coins so if it continues then within 8 days I should get my 10 so I don’t agree with you for saying 24/25 days.


Very interesting. It may show that the team anticipates an eventual price of $.3. Or they may be holding back coins because they need the for the new mobile launches.


I’m not sure it’s the mining rate. There seems to be a bug where some miners only tick up when you bring the app to the foreground.

I have this problem, but my daughter’s is ticking along just fine.


I have adjusted in settings, so the miner have permissions, and dont stop by tlf doing app idles.
Still 10 in a few days.
But yes, its adjusting to value i suppose


Also we’ve had a 20k plus jump in above mobile miners I believe this also affects payout


I think when cloudmining comes out soon for IOS and later for Android I hope it’s going to be better that the app will just mine and you just get coins dropped once in a while and yes I think the price rising also affects the coins gained as far as I know the 3$ will still be the limit you get every month I think the problem is that for some people the app keeps closing and that you need to restart it again every time they will fix that with cloudmining as far as I know :thinking:


I’ve been having this same issue, haven’t been able to find a fix


Support wrote back this morning and blamed it on Android 8 killing hashrates. It isn’t as the 8 device was 8 before the app was ever installed and the hash rate is the same as always.

If you’re having an issue, submit a ticket so they can get more data to troubleshoot with.


Payouts every 2-3 days for pixel 2xl Verizon


I’ve had my mobile miner running every day for about 1 year now and I’ve earned over 1,000 coins for free. 3 coins a day. Pay out at 10 coins. 23 coins a week x 52 weeks = 1k+ free coins. Thanks ETN!


my last payout gaps have been, from earliest to latest from the last 60 days

July 31
August 4th
August 16
August 27
August 30
September 2
September 5
September 10
September 15
September 26

Seems the same, and you have to factor in downtime as my phone is sometimes offline


No you had not, because the MM started in march 2018.


Beta android mobile miner, witch i was apart of started last December I think. I can’t remember


it is much faster now… in the past few days i received it every 2-3days interval


Please remember airdropped etn from the mining experience is free and intended for the unbanked & the crypto illiterate. I have apple/iOS and have not received a single free etn the past year. BUT i believe in ETN, and BUY them