Mobile miners just jumped over 200k

The last week the number of users on mobile miner has jumped significantly. Over 200k now and the price has surged 13.5% today - lets hope this wave continues and the spread of ETN in Brazil and South Africa continues!!!

Also we are back at 95 in woo hooo !!!

What excites me is that this curve is an exponential one. More miners, more referrals to mine more.

Love this coin!


Fantastic news isn’t it…

Now we need 500k


Yeah it will happen. It’s funny how ETN is still getting fud but it’s the most progress of any project out there. My friends are investing now. It’s looking really good.


Good news indeed.
But I still don’t understand how and why, with 3,260,450 registered users, we only have 200k MM.

I would understand 2 million, but 200k ?


yeah so true - that number you would expect to be higher but i think for a lot of people they just don’t bother . Bought the coin to hold and have other things to do then look at the app when they know they can’t spend it anywhere yet. The ones using the app are really using it for the most part. Also maybe the app has to be online to get the figures? maybe some just open and then close it briefly each week…

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This is really a very cool cryptocurrency. Huge potential for development. I think in the next couple of years will be released in the 10 most actively used. Truth, very cool project and growth in 2 times for a short period time.

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