Mobile miner users dropping. What can we do to combat this?


1.Start marketing
2.Start advertising.
3. Pay out 30 coins a day insted of 3 on average.


3 a day isn’t to bad seeing as you can earn up to 3 dollars a month and price is currently low so you can actually get a lot until price would rise in the future I think a lot of people who stop using the miner don’t realize that you can stock up a lot till price rises and yes marketing and advertising has to happen It’s going to happen in 2019 unless they got plans for Q4 this year ofcourse that we don’t know about yet :wink:


Once the mobile streams deal is launched we will see a big growth in new users. They will be more interested in using the mobile miner for short term purposes also.


Many reasons why to this, many people might still be updating the app and they just have to re open the app again.


Also maybe many people who are cheating and running multiple emulators. Now with KYC they are getting the boot. :slight_smile:


Yup that to @M-Kid and just like @TruthfulRob Said a lot could still need to update their app wouldnt suprise me i personally sometimes am very slow with updating also :yum:


Lets hope we Will see a lot of users then @PrestoCrypto i cant wait for those partnerships to launch to their users and hopefully we will gain a lot of growth then :blush:


States that mobile streams has over 750,000 users in Latin America


And each one of those users is more then Welcome to be part of This amazing community and to Join us in This amazing project :wink:


kyc might have something to do with this. this might be showing 88000 real people, not 168000 miners, of which 88000 real people and 80000 bots.