Mobile miner trouble connecting?



Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the mobile miner?

For me it just keeps spinning and spinning…I have tried closing the app and reopening and still nothing.


Try connecting with just data first then turn WiFi on


Recent thread already exists here buddy


Where is the solution, mate?


It’s going to require a fix in the app and an update I suspect.


hmm I think the same as well. Let’s hope the team fix it soon.
Thanks mate


I was getting a “sorry we are experiencing high volumes of traffic try again later” message, and have been for the last 8 hours or so while on data (not automatic switching)… followed your suggestion, switched to wi-fi and works again now.


Nice , glad it’s up and running


It’s still keep disconnecting during mining. Let’s hope to get it fixed soon


Yeah mine is doing the same now , overnight it turns off no connection then seems ok then same again later on in the day , random times.


Yeah Chris, it’s quite annoying now. I leave my cell phone in home for mining, but within next minutes it gets disconnecting by own, then have to turn off the app or restart the phone, then it’s start mining for few minutes and again the same thing happened.
It’s really annoying now.


Just another day in the life of etn lol , I’m sure they will fix it on the next update


I done a test last night , turned off the WiFi left the app running in the backround.
Perfect ran all night zero issues.

Put WiFi on this morning and within an hour it disconnected , so for me anyway it’s the WiFi . So from now on I will leave the miner on with data…

Hope this helps someone