Mobile miner question


The mobile miner will work forever, or will it end when the amount of coins that were not sold in ICO has been distributed?


The mobile miner does have a shelf life. It is mainly a marketing tool. I believe the estimation is for it to last ~5 years depending on how many miners are on it. At least I read this a long time ago shortly after ICO somewhere. But there is a limited supply to be distributed.


There was a pre-mine of around ~7billion coins.

The algorithm ensures it will last a very long time, 5-10years have been discussed, but the specifics are not in the public domain…Its got plenty of time to enable its goal of mass adoption and making ETN a household name.


Thanks @BegaMutex, I knew I had read that at some point a long time ago. Surprised I remembered seeing I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast every day.