Mobile Miner Problem

Mobile Miner coin are not been Transferred into wallet anymore,it been 3 working day since i hit 100 etn and No transfer is been made.
Team Etn should fix this ASAP!!!
Anyone experiencing this same issue?

did you refresh at the upper right corner of the wallet tab? if still not working open a ticket at

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Am sure I did but nothing changed

Since you reached 100 ETN - the point at which transfer to wallet should initiate - your screenshot shows 101.02 ETN … approx 1 ETN, in what you say is 3 days?

Doesn’t really make sense - is it really 3 days since reaching 100 ?

have you tried to press “stop cloud mining” then “start mining” on the miner tab? if it’s not asking for selfie you should get the payment.

The screenshot is Old

i have submitted selfie like 6 days before reaching 100coin but still no payment to wallet

Selfie approval can take up to 10 business days

Same Problem. I already reach 125 ETN, still I did not receive the payment. Also did what other said “stop mining and start again” didn’t ask me for another selfie…

Welcome to the community, Just be patient if you have taken the selfi you will get your ETN. It is not lost. it will transfer over.

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