Mobile miner payout

I’ve found this picture on Twitter, not sure if real…

This could indicate the payout differs in certain areas.


What are you showing? Regular payments in S.A?

The guy is receiving 100etn each 5 days through mobile mining. My payout is 0,001 etn each day :joy:


Are you in South Africa?

No (20 characters) djdjdj

Well that will be why then! :grin: I wonder where the next rollout will be? :thinking:

See my new video. :+1:

that’s normal. I get 1.1etn/day in Finland which is not the target area. raise a support ticket and ask why you get so little

That’s great, I have mined half an ETN in four days! :joy::joy::joy: It’s all free though so who cares! .056 to be precise…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

No, I’m really fine with not getting much. Just curious what their approach is.

Drop the coins where they are targeting growth. Straightforward and simple. I’m hoping that we have a nice announcement in the next couple of weeks that they are rolling out a full time deal with The Unlimited. Everything we have seen says it has been a success. Go Team!

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Each 5 days this person earns 100 ETN…, I (and many many more of us) earn just 1 ETN in that time.

Actually it’s 1 ETN every 5 and a quarter days for me.

In another thread I said I will earn 100 ETN every 200+ days.

I can understand the new M1 phone getting higher payout and I can even understand SA getting somewhat more.

But 100:1 is really just two fingers up to the community (my opinion), without whom Electroneum wouldn’t be in the position to pull this BS.

Very disappointed, not about what I’m not earning, but at how little regard Electroneum clearly has for the people who initially supported the whole project.

But then (for good or for bad) Electroneum did the exact same thing when they decided they didn’t need the GPU miners…

Feels a bit like the original community is not really need anymore, as evident by Electroneum’s recent decision making - especially given the fact that no officially explained strategy is forthcoming.

People clearly have an issue with cloud miner payout…

You however only join the conversation in this thread to post off topic, derogatory and insulting comments directly after I reply (again & again) - which shows you clearly have an issue with me.

@Dngruss - are you stalking me or something, or are you just trying to flame and force this thread off topic too?

Kind of lame that you can’t allow the community to have a grown up conversation about it, without bully boy tactics trying to shut people down.

No…but how many silly topics do we need about the miner and why is it such a BIG issue for you?

What exactly is it you hope to accomplish? Why do you need confirmation of what is going on? What is it that you think ETN owes you? You bought ETN coins either during ICO or off an exchange and Mobile Mined some.

That entitles you to what exactly?

I’ll give you a clue. It entitles you to do as you wish with the coins you purchased or MM and that is it.

You aren’t entiled to any answers about anything.

You and your kind sure seem to be more worried about yourselves than you are the longevity of the Cloud Miner and it’s true intended purpose within the ETN business model.


If you need answers so bad then tag our CEO or Chris Gorman and demand some answers.

Good luck with that.

did you know you can still mine etn with gpu? I made 5600 etn (40+ etn/day) since 16.January on my PC (I7,gtx 1080) and iMac (I5, Radeon 560). visit if you are interested.

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And it’s kind of lame you and others constantly whine about mobile miner payouts.

Then hide behind this fake oh I’m not concerned about it for myself, because I’ve got plenty blah blah, I’m only concerned about others not liking ETN if they don’t get enough to make them happy.

When you know THE EXACT purpose the Miner even exist is to aid in adoption in areas where parntnerships exist, not to subsidize the world economy.

You Miner whiners remind me of the type of people who would run over, knock down and trample others to save your own skin from danger.

If new SA ETN users were complaining that last week they recieved 125 ETN and this week only got 5 then That would be an actual legit situation to be looked into.


And I don’t care if you like my opinion or not…I’m going to keep hammering it home until I’m banned each time you or anyone whines about it.

And that’s a fact.

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