Mobile Miner Payments

It was my understanding that the mobile miner would make payments in line with the current value, so as to provide roughly $3 a month - Is this still the case?

Even with referrals I’m getting maybe 10 ETN every two days = around 9 cents a month


that’s about 90 cents a month if it’s 10 ETN every 2 days. Plus that’s probably including the miner requiring you to put your pin code back in overnight as well. :stuck_out_tongue: So there’s probably also missed time mining.

I might’ve put a wrong symbol typing the calculation on my pending post, so mind the typo ^^" I can’t correct it because I can’t see it atm. (I realize this post will also be pending :/)

it was actually 30 dollars…
when etn is worth $1 maybe.

" If mobile miners are able to mine
Electroneum worth USD $30 per
month we will NOT release any
bonus pool. If mining drops below
that figure we will release enough to
bump mobile mining up to $30 USD
value per month."

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Hi all,

Few months ago I received around 120 ETN/month. Last two months I receive just 20ETN/month. Hashrate of 30H/s is not changed. Also the change in ETN value is not in the same ratio as the change in payout.

Does anyone know where this payout drop come from?



Increase in price and users

Hi Presto,

Okay thanks, that sounds plausible but they claimed with the mobile miner the user will earn around $3,-/month. Assuming there will come many new users in coming period and the price will rise also, then the payout will be declining almost to zero.
This making no sense to me, or do I missing something?

I am over 10 etn mined and it had not been deposited. How long does it take?

I do not know the exact math of it and they are still making updates to get it running perfect. If you’re earning less Etn but it is worth more it could be the same fiat payout still.

Have you refreshed your app? It should be processed soon. patience is key

Mine can take minutes to hours, but it still works out.

You know’ to be honest this is the most generous crypto ever created. We are all early adopters in this space and we are also connected through this fantastic project which grows and develops every day. Why do we squabble and complain about something ETN has in essence given to everyone as a gift (free ETN).
I’m very fortunate to have been smart enough to adopt ETN as an early investor at ico and the app is a massive bonus which I appreciate, because money doesn’t grow on trees and I can’t afford to invest as much as I would like with Electroneum. So every single coin I get from the ETN mobile app is a gift of incredible value and in all fairness I think it shows how much the ideology of ETN encompasses the financial inclusion of everyone. I am thankful that Richard has created something with a very unselfish vision and we should quite frankly be satisfied with what we get. Even if you are not an investor you are still recognized as an important part of the ETN community by being engaged through using the application and sharing the good news.

Taken from my excel sheet and have 156 referals:


update :slight_smile:

Who where? if you want data from January here it is: