Mobile miner issues - and cloud mining update


Great work @Maritz ! What was their impression? Did they previously known of Electroneum?


So far they seem very happy with the results, they are now just waiting for the confirmation to go and collect their new The Unlimited sim card from one of the Clicks stores.

They have not previously known about electroneum, so this is a first for them.

When I signed them up I sent them 500 etn just to show how the instant payment works, so bonus for them


That’s really awesome @Maritz once they get the SIM card and everything running I would like to also send them a little so they can top up with it to experience it asap so let me know when you get the SIM :+1:

Did you teach them in a way they will now be able to show someone else and walk them through getting it or are they still getting use to it? I’m just wondering the simplicity of setting up account compared to other registration processes in area. If your family member is going to show someone else and get them going I will also give a little so that third person can experience a top up.

Word of mouth is going to be huge imo


Much appreciated @PrestoCrypto I told them once they pick up the Simcard I will explain to them in more detail as to how to top up their sim using their app.

They were so excited they went to Clicks today to pickup Simcard before even receiving the sms to tell them it is ready for collection :smile: so I told them to wait first for confirmation Lol.

I have explained and covered most basis of how to’s, they seemed okey with everything but knowing I am only a phone call away when help is needed. Once they use it for themselves I believe the experience and confidence will grow and they will then see for themselves how easy it is and spread the word to colleges and friends, etc.


That’s awesome great work @Maritz it’s great to see the excitement ! Keep me updated please!


Im curious. What is their financial situation more or less? Just curious because of their excitement. Trying to gauge the reach of this.


Hi all. I installed the ETN app on a new mobile phone a few days ago. Now i get only 0.01 ETN per hour, but first days after i installed i get 0.09 or 0.1 ETN in a hour. Should i open ticket or is just a temporary problem?

My account is verified kyc level 3, and also both selfie send for cloud mining


Open a ticket to see. Im not sure because we have come to find oyt that in places like africa peoplee get more and here in the USA less.


You are my rock star brother!


Please encourage them to come to forum and participate in giveaway.


hello, what is the prob. I got Wifi and i also know my etn balance sås över 100 etn and no transfer to my etn electroneum Wallet.
Somebody with the same prob?


That message shows up often if you habe leftb.v the app running in the background. Its lmost like it goes offline like banking apps if you are not using it. That doesnt mean your mining has stopped orvthat your 100 ETN will not be transfered. Since itscloud mining it always works with or without internet. Many users have said they have not gotten their 100 ETN shortly after getting to 100. They now have 104,110,120,etc while many have recieved it almost instany. Not yet sure if it is a bug or the speed depends on your region or something else. Support tickets have been filed but you can open one too. :heart:



I’ve read these updated T&C, and it has some very unclear parts.
Firstly, “Value of current balance of ETN in your Online or Offline Wallets plus the cumulative value received by you in the preceding 3 months.”. Does this means that now you need KYC for paper wallets too (I really don’t know what else could be an Offline wallet)?
Secondly, “If it appears that you are accessing or attempting to access the Services and Digital Content from a country which is, from time to time, designated as a “high-risk third country” by the European Commission or as a “high risk and other monitored jurisdiction” by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), we may temporarily or permanently withdraw your right to use the Services and Digital Content (or any part of them) without liability to you.”. In other words, it doesn’t matter weather you’ve completed KYC or not, if the country you live in goes on the list of high risk countries (whatever that means), they remain the right to confiscate all your money (even though you have nothing to do with that high risk part, except living there). I would like someone to prove me wrong about the second quote.

Best regards,


Hi @davorf,

I think the offline wallet bit might relate to future functionality for cold storage within the app. This is something Richard has eluded to in the past.

The second point is to do with international law; there are certain countries that people are not allowed to transact with - period. If you are in one of those countries, you are not entitled to certain financial services. If you try to access your funds while in one of those countries, the financial service provider is required to freeze your assets.

Lets say you were visiting Country A which is sanctioned, your funds could be frozen by Electroneum. If you live in that country, it might be that your account will be frozen forever or until such time the sanctions are lifted.

There are also sanctioned entities that are not allowed to transact in certain countries and I hope the team are screening for these too. It might be that regardless of where you are, you might not be able to access Electroneum’s service.

Your point 2 is commonly referred to as Watch List Filtering and companies such as Dow Jones and WorldCheck provide lists updated daily with people/countries/assets that need to be monitored.

I hope this helps.


I think it actually does mean paper or cli also.
But I’d say that would be a difficult thing to implement. Nothing stopping anyone sending and receiving to and from CLI/paper to exchanges or even custodial wallets. I’m wondering if this aspect of our blockchain prevents a truly KYC compliant coin. So currently only the app / web wallets are KYC compliant. :thinking:


That provokes and interesting thought…

Exchanges are typically protected by KYC - certainly the larger ones. When the team does introduce cold storage, I wonder if they will remove the ability for paper/cli wallets??

Once mass adoption is then reached, remove any non-KYC compliant exchanges??



So, basically, I should check all the lists of high-risks countries daily - but even that might not be enough. If my country gets to the list, I will be the one sanctioned, and not the country. They will take my money, because, today (not really today, just an example), someone made a decision that my country is high-risk one. Great! But thank you for your answer.

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Well, for me, this is just a signal to run away from ETN as fast as possible. Besides all the insecurity crypto in general brings, ETN introduces a way to lose, not part of the value, but all of it, because of something you don’t have control over.


Just to be clear, Electroneum does not make these lists - these are publicly visible lists that are set by United Nations. All this clause means is that they could check these lists. If your country is on one of these lists, your day-to-day banking will be more affected, your ability to operate your daily life will be impacted as other countries wouldn’t be able to send cars/food/building materials to your country. Adding countries to these lists is not taken lightly and is usually the result of some extreme wrong-doing or mistreatment of its population.

Please don’t over-exaggerate this completely standard clause in all financial products. In investing in ETN, you have chosen to be an early adopter in a regulated crypto. If you have a bank account / car loan / mortgage, you have already agreed to these terms and conditions and will you be cancelling those products too? As regulation becomes more prevalent in crypto, every other coin that embraces KYC will need to comply.