Mobile miner issues - and cloud mining update


I just put a bunch of periods and it displays as just 3 I guess.

Figured that out awhile ago, so been using that when the reply is short


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Invaluable life hacks, thanks @Dngruss


Received some ETN to my wallet yesterday, shows in my balance and shows as received in transactions, yet i didn’t receive any notification, is this normal, all my other received ETN have had notifications, not a problem as it’s in my wallet just wandered if this something that might have changed in the last update.


the notification system only works within the etn network so if you send etn from one portfolio to another via app. if you receive etn via exchanges, the notification system does not activate.


Yes, i just checked back through my notifications and now realise i didn’t received any notification from the same source last time. Thanks for your quick reply :wink:


Is normal to have same amount of ETN in cloud mining after 2 hours? I mean no new coins was mined


If you leave the app running, just hit refresh


I press refresh but is the same amount of coin

Update: now i get 0.1


Im getting 0.1 per hour too


Same here. so 2.4 per day or about 70-75 per month.


Funny that when cloud mining first came out we got 0.18 ETN per hour and now its almost half. Payout is smaller due toImminent price increase coming? Haha


Man I hope so. That would put the ETN price at about $0.04 cents to equal $3.00 per month…wouldn’t that be sweet?!


I get only 1,21 ETN in 24 hours with cloud mining. Is that normal or my phone has problem? I already done 2 selfies

Update: i get 0.11 ETN in 2 hours and in next 2 hours i get 0.1 ETN


I just installed the cloud miner last night.
It really works well and my mobile Wallet works great now as well.
This team is working hard and delivering products I use every day don’t hesitate get your cloud miner today!



I like the More/Top ups option too :wink:


It has slowed down since. :frowning:


You are singing to the orchestra here it has me all pumped and ready to go I think this is the best update so far.


I setup a family member here in South Africa last night this time with getting started with Electroneum and cloud mining. In this time they have accumulated 14 etn on the cloudmining. :sunglasses:

ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club :grin:
ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club
The Unlimited Customers

Amazing to hear. You’re truly a pioneer and a great ambassador for those in your community @Maritz!!