Mobile miner issues - and cloud mining update



After I updated my app on Android to use Cloud Mining, I get this error: CM001

I’ve put a ticket.


Yeah there are a few @PrestoCrypto has support ticket in too


Yes I have the same issue. Support are looking into it.


If your kyc is all upto date, I’d say it’s because you have been using multiple devices to mine. As you have stated before.


I don’t believe that is the reason. Ive been mining very occasionally with a single phone, but still getting the error message after updating to cloud.


Is your reference code also cm001 ?


Yes it is (some additional text added to allow 20 characters)


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I can not translate Korean after upgrading.


Did you open a support ticket?


A friend of mine has been mining on the same cell phone since day 1 and when he updated to the cloud mining, The Play store says his device is not compatible…And unfortunately Electroneum cannot do anything about the compatibility…:disappointed::disappointed:


Maybe in time after they get some other things launched. Can’t account for every situation and device on the planet in the beginning of a rollout of a new feature.

Richard Els did say something about feature phones and such, so maybe they have something in the works for people with phone compatibility issues. Hard to say, but since many of the unbanked might not have the newest smartphone or may just have a feature phone, you’d think it’s something they are working on.

They rolled the Android version out pretty quickly, wanted to be live before MWC.


hi brendan, has he upgraded his phone to Ice Cream Sandwich yet?


I know exactly what you are talking about…but reading that question at face value made me giggle, lol


i used to think the feature phone thing would be a good idea, but as the years have past. chinese basic smart phones that can easily run electroneum app and most everything else can be bought for around 20-30 dollars brand new. things have changed. feature phone are at the same price point.


He will be upgrading in the future


Good point…


that wasn’t 20 characters :open_mouth:


@Dngruss how did you do that? I hate the 20 character minimum