Mobile miner issues - and cloud mining update


Likewise, the pending balance is going up, but not paying out currently.


I got a payout on Dec 9th, think that was before.

No payout since and climbing


Thanks boss @ETNCEO. Have a nice Christmas too and an happy 2019 full of Electroneums


@ETNCEO can we get the iphone app released by Christmas? :crossed_fingers::evergreen_tree:


Just thank you for free ETN on mobile miner. :blush:


@CloudTen You are most welcome my friend please keep in mind I had absolutely nothing to do with it Mine on Peace.


There is an issue still going on not to get payout the ETN’s. Can someone explain why?



Not sure. I am also having issues since updating. 21+ and climbing :roll_eyes:


I suggest you read the top of this thread again :+1: they are not going to focus on fixing current issues in mobile miner but are working to complete cloud mining. @Buckizard. @CryptoReporter


@PrestoCrypto thread read 13 days ago, and a mobile update since then. Figured it would still be appropriate to post ongoing issues, if anything to alleviate concerns by letting others know it is still ongoing.


The purpose of the announcement was made to alleviate concerns of the operation of the mobile miner. It acknowledges the current issue with the mobile miner and that they are working on cloud mining and not spending time focusing to fix the current mobile miner. Imo I can assume the mobile miner will not work properly until cloud mining is released, this is only temporary while they finish cloud mining and get us switched over. It is stated most of the team is working on getting cloud mining going but could roll into January we just have to wait and see when its done. They just mitigated to Amazon aurora so the update could be for a number of things. The team is aware of the issue and we should hear from them “Soon” about the progress of cloud mining. My mobile miner also isn’t paying out but imo I agree with Electroneum that they need to take this time to get cloud mining completed instead of fixing current system. Cloud mining will bring us iOS and a much more scalable system for them to work with once we start getting many more users. The impact of the cloud miner keeps me very patient and this is only temporary. Months ago I didn’t recieved a payout for months I have over 250 not paid out and I kept mining and when they fixed the issued I got my Etn. I trust them so my advice is to read the top of the thread again and understand they know the issue but are working on a new system. Great things are coming I hope this help :+1:


Guess what I was trying to relay, and wondering, is if an official announcement will be made here or not, when things are fixed. I don’t see everything official getting posted here (last update) so not sure how much they spend here informing the community (maybe on the end-of-year update?) of updates. Again, have read and understand clearly but think you may be misunderstanding my intent. Letting others know it is still ongoing and not ‘read post’. Sometimes an easy reply is better than stating the obvious. :neutral_face:


I’m not sure if the official announcement will be made on this thread or not. When they have something worth the time to announce they will announce it and it will be on all social media outlets. In the top of the thread it says they’re not going to fix the issues/bugs but are working to get cloud mining in place. I’m sure there will be more information on progress in the end of the year email.

"There’s been quite a few reported issues with the existing mobile miner having problems.

Unfortunately we’ve taken the decision that instead of spending time tracking down the bug (we spent dozens of man hours on that), the time is better spent racing to finish off a number of projects including cloud mining which will roll out as a much better replacement to the existing system. "

“We are aiming to get cloud mining live as fast as possible. If we don’t get it live before Xmas it should be during January! Literally the whole dev team are on it (actually the blockchain guys are on the next blockchain release - but more on that later!).”


Ohhhh, now I get it :roll_eyes:


I’m sure they have been working hard completing cloud mining we should hear from them “Soon” about the progress, stay tuned patience is key :+1:


Shat man send me your QR code and I will send you ETN don’t worry it will come to you


this issue finally worked itself out


so that means in the future update , app miner on mobile will be as wallet ?


Cloud came to android. Fanks Richard. :slight_smile:


Easy, smooth, sweet, awesome, ETN keeping to their word.