Mobile miner issues - and cloud mining update


Nice one Ricky. Great to hear an update from you and would welcome these as often as possible! It certainly brings some comfort during this crypto winter. 2019 gonna be a belter


Thanks for the update, Mr. Richard. There is one thing I’m curious about, is it possible to share information about how many people have done the KYC process?


@ETNCEO Great work mate keep the team cracking cheers.


Nothing but Rainbows and Unicorns are in our future and can’t forget the lambo’s! :slight_smile:


And the house paid off and having millions of ETN into the next decade.


I am an investor and a professional test engineer.
Defect mitigation is a standard practice. The decision to change the architecture rather than fix a defect on a product that will soon be obsolete is the right thing to do.
Great job ETN Team!


You do realize that the join date appearing here is not the Electroneum account setup date but the community forum first login, right? There are people who were with Electroneum since the ICO and their join date can be yesterday…


Looks like a post massacre in here. :slight_smile: thank goodness cloud mining is coming!


Yes you are correct BUT the difference is that you DONT have to be connected to the internet and use your data…you only have to log in 4 times a month…Do your research before posting crap…


To those who are complaining you need to dig a littler deeper. They’re simply upgrading the miner system to something better so it’s really not a big deal. Another thing you really didn’t take into consideration is that there’s a lot of people in countries who can’t stay connected 24/7. Since this will only require 4 check ins a month to keep mining it’s beneficial to A LOT more people around the world who don’t have stable internet.

Also, @Tanwax is correct about what he said about defect mitigation. They had already planned on doing cloud mining a long time ago due to Apple IOS users anyway. Now they’re simply putting it in place sooner, so again it’s not a big deal. They had two solutions and they chose the better one that’s long term.

It’s important to always analyze the whole situation and take all factors and details into consideration before we respond.


my mobile miner started to work


Mobile miner is back on track… waiting for cloud miner now yooo !


guys, my miner is still not working. Can i have some assistance from team?


In the app the stats and calculator are not working properly, they have been stuck on the same value since the update.

Anyone else seeing this problem after the update?


Yes me too (20 characters)


me too :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Hello Everyone,
My mobile android app works after the update but the windows 7 version doesn’t load the wallet info.
it gives: (Unable to load your wallet information) message while trying to load
Anyone else having this issue?
Any ideas?
Computer is up to date

Thanks Moe


As you can see, i got a problem to login too. This happens after the update, and no answer received


Guess We’ll wait N see


Sorry to hear about your problem.

I have no problem logging in and the miner and wallet are working. The only problem i see is the issue with the stats and the calculator.