Mobile miner issues - and cloud mining update


Thank you for update you have a good Merry :santa::santa::santa:


Great! Thanks ETN team!


I have complete faith in all that you and the team are aiming to achieve. I have been in since the ICO and the way you have all conducted yourselves over the last 12 months have led me to invest quite a lot , and I’m sure you are about to take us to the top


Thank you, Richard & Team!:evergreen_tree:


Thank you @ETNCEO and team! Very exciting stuff… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you at Electroneum headquarters!


Thank’s for the reassuring update, Richard. It’s great to know all hands are on deck to get cloud mining up and running!


Great News :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Happy New year.


I can’t wait for the cloud mining, always doing wonderful things


I predicted it would go live on 31st December, 11:59


finally, we are getting news,what we expected from Richard…
I think every one should be happy to hear all these…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
good luck etn team.


Hope the update will resolve the KYC problem. We often used our NATIONAL ID or SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM ID not everyone has a passport or even a driver’s license including me :expressionless::expressionless: its impossible for us to do K.Y.C verification on the YOTI APP unless NATIONAL ID will be supported for K.Y.C In the 3rd world countries A.K.A developing countries like here in the Philippines most of the people heard about bitcoin but nkow nothing about crypto and how to be involved in it. hope NATIONAL ID will be supported for K.Y.C on my country… TO THE MOON ETN…:innocent:


Thank you Richard, have a great Christmas with your family, thank the team for all the hard work. I hope things rollout smoothly for everyone. I’m looking forward to a great birthday come Jan 10th. All my best wishes to everyone in the ETN forum, God bless and good fortune to you all. Merry Xmas one and all.


thanks a lot for the update! wow…so excited for 2019. cheers!


Thanks alot sir… waiting for ur next update now !


Thats great news. Thanks Richard for the update.


I am a fan Electrneum project.
Congratulations! It’s really an incredible project. Tank you Richard!


Thanks Richard for the update,we where so waiting for it…it’s gives peace in the mind to hear about the things you and the team are doing,when it’s quiet it’s killing everybody
Is it’s possible to send every Friday a email to all the community,this gives so much peace,it don’t have to be whit big announcements or partners,just a update what happens
I believe everybody appreciate that so much


So totally awesome! I like updates and I liked this one a lot!


Thank you very much for the great update Richard, I think this is a great choice. The cloud mining I think will work much better for everyone you and the team included. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store at the MWC in February! Good news to wake up to this morning. :grin:


ETN to the Moon…
In February :):grinning: