Mobile Miner issue iOS



I downloaded the iOS app and logged in via Facebook not realising it used my different email address. I’m already Level 2 KYC but it was asking me for level 1 again as it looks like it was a different account.

So my question is how do I delete the old account and switch it to my proper email address? And is there any way to move the 60 ETN over to my proper email. All my app shows at the moment is the “We need to find out a bit more about you” Screen. If I click it and it goes to login if i type in my official email and password it says check your email to continue. I click it authorise device, it says device authorised and it then asks for email password and then pin code. It then just logs me into Electroneum. com and not the miner?

Any help is much appreciated



Contact the team , they are the only one’s who can deal with accounts / email addresses etc

Raise a ticket , put down your exact requirements and im sure they will help you.

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