Mobile Miner and Amount of ETN earnings per Day


Is there any reason why there has been a drop in Miners from 100k+ to below 88,000?

Also the amount of ETN you can mine has been significantly reduced. Normally around 10ETN per 2-3 days but now it’s about only 1 ETN per day


Possibly with the value being as low as it is people have given up the ghost as it probably costs more in electric to charge the phone than what they earn on the miner.
Another reason is the KYC. Not everyone can complete it or can be bothered to complete it and become disheartened and given up.


Maybe someday someone will make a mobile Miner that pays out $1 or more a day.


For me i think it little bit faster than before now i get 10 every day >before 2 weeks i could do that by 2 days .


I agree with @Zero7 there is still a lot of people who didn’t do KYC and there is also probably a lot of people who were trying to manipulate the mobile miner that will slowly get flushed out of the system what personally think is a good thing for the mobile miner :wink:


What we want is real, organic growth… Real people who want to participate. It’s probably Electroneum flushing out cloning and multiple miners on single accounts with the latest app update.


I’ve gone from 10 per week to 10 every four days or so.


Most definitely @mls880 we need real people and not bots because we want to help all the unbanked to use the mobile miner also and if other people are using bots just for some extra ETN then the system wouldn’t work i think ETN is doing a good job flushing those bots and manipulations out so that they will have real people that rightfully deserve the ETN earned trough the mobile miner :blush:


Exactly! Spread it far and wide. Millions of people each with their own personal little taste. Driving the value up through a genuine, legitimate want for more.

Why waste coins on the greedy who believe they can beat the system and score free coins at the expense of the goal and project. There is only a finite amount to go around :zap:

Arguably not enough…


I used to earn 10 ETN every 2-3 days, after the last app update I get only 0.4 ETN per day, so it will take 25 days to earn 10 ETN.
The reported hashrate is still the same, around 30 H/s.
I am just waiting to finish the current 10 ETN and I’m giving up. It’s completely useless and my phone battery discharges much faster while the mobile miner is running because it keeps it awake all the time (this can be seen from the battery history).

I used to mine ETN with my GPU before the ASICs took it over, after this the mobile miner was the only option for me, but now this is gone too. I am really disappointed.


Exactly same here. Went from close to 5 ETN per day to less than 0.5 ETN. Same hash rate !!!


I think that the headquarters slow down the payout. Maybe in some regions or idk. They didn’t comment it yet. Only solution how to have more is to have more referals or buy some more at exchanges :wink: