Mobile Kucoin Exchange Question

How to check on the mobile KuCoin app account history… or I need to log on normal computer? I had same coins in it but today my balance is showing 0… and I don’t know how to find out what is going on… any help?

Log in on the app @Noonelikesus

Press home bottom left

Top left your name

Then history deposit and withdrawals :+1::+1:

Thank you… when I log in is not showing any data…anyone can check if all is OK with KuCoin? Like I never used… how is that possible? If I was hacked or something should be visible some transactions isn’t it?

In the left corner insted of my initials is 12? Is that mean I don’t have any more possibility to log to my account? That means someone took over my account? If that how I can block or frozen my account?

Looks someone cat me off from my KuCoin account… on the phone e is showing different accoun when log in… what I can do now? How to get back to my orginal account? How can I contact support to get my orginal account block?

If you have a Twitter account try sending their support a message, I have done and had several issues resolved previously.

Thx @BegaMutex

I frozen my account on KuCoin hope on time… was very strange… when I was logging to my account on KuCoin by phone number… my phone number is connect to the other account… where is no history… looks like someone open account by using my phone number? Very strange… hope don’t need to change my number… have it for years… what do you think guys? Definitely need to do hard reset my phone… I uninstall app… download and install again… log by us my number and is still connected to no my account… hope when I unfrozen they can check what account is my real and connected me to thatone?

To UK base lads… anyone having problem with kuCoin?

I’m in UK. Just logged onto Kucoin. Everything seems fine to me, all wallets,accounts and transaction history in order. Hope you get your problem resolved soon.

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