Mobile app goes down on its own

My ETN app goes down all the time I have to relaunch it.
Any idea for it to stay “awake” …;because ech time the screen goes off, it seems the app shuts down
Thank you !

I think eventually the switch over to cloud mining will resolve this problem.


what is it…do I have to do something ?..Thanks!

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What phone are you on Android or iPhone

I’m on android:wink:

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As non english speaker I try to find right words to explain my question…when the app is on and the screen of the phone closes, sometimes the etn app stays “on”, but most off the time It closes and I have to re-initiate, pass…etc…it’s boring to have to do this all the time, so is there a way that the app works in background if not all the time, at least one day ! :wink:

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I had this once with a music app. As soon as my screen turned off, music stopped playing. It turned out to be a power saving app that kills apps running in the background when you are not “using” it. You might have a look at that :wink:

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This ^^^^ is exactly what I was going to suggest , goto settings device maintenance , battery , power saving see pic below goto unmonitored apps click on 3 dots top of screen then add apps look for etn add it and it shouldn’t turn off any more

Hope this helps


Oh and your English was fantastic :grin:

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Heheheee, Thanks for this aaand for that ! :slight_smile:

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no problem at all…


yeah, it was already on…

…meant that I went already there, but had not remembered… :blush:

how is it for you?..It stays on or you have to restart it five times a day?

It runs day and night non stop for me. Do you have any 3rd party app like a phone boost or battery doctor?

Edit: Also, please post one message or edit that one instead of posting like 3 messages in a row :slight_smile:

…euh nope,…not those…
…after checking 3rd party app definit.(I didn’t know the meaning!), appstore seems to be one, …if so, yes I have ! (I have quite a bunch of apps…from language learning to wallets or Brave browser, reddit, whatsapp…, which are not manufactured…for that are they then 3rd parties app?)

For the posts;…yes, sure, I’ve posted too fast then new ideas came after…I’ll think 7 times B4 each post :smile: …aaaand I’ve just found the edit “button” :joy:
Thanks !

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Cool! And yes those are 3rd party apps :+1:

Try to see if any of those apps try to improve your phone’s performance or battery usage. Those kind of apps could stop the Electroneum app.

ok, I’ll check that… :smile:
…and try also on another device. (Is it ok 2 open it on several devices?..)