Mobile app down due to high traffic, news?

It’s better
Sellers cannot transfer!!

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Online wallet is down too, and the silence from ETN is deafening.

Sellers?? Who sell is crazy in this moment…
Yesterday i was laughing loking at the market cap a seeing that millions of dollars were sold until ETN grew 1 cent. Foolish

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I’m having the same problem…!!

For me both the mobile app and don’t work.

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Exactly it’s foolish decision but there are people who don’t believe ETN!


It’s strange that it’s gone down with zero news from the team…

It’s either just one of those things … were getting used to it…
Or it’s good news everyone

Apps back up mine was in another language hahahahhaha

my mobile miner has started to work now

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This is new and most likely the reason for the downtime. Love it! Postponed KYC just to see this message. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can’t login online though , 502 gateway error…


It will come back online I’m confident. Give them some time to reroute the login procedure. :wink:

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Hopefully it’s been sped up a bit more or a new style u.i

Screenshot_20181010-212733 this is the main page. Still down for me


im on guys all ok, hopefully some good news to follow :smiley:

Beta iOS app user, looks like the 2.6.3 version update is withdrawn.

Not able to choose update anymore. But ver 2.6.2 is up and running as before

Good news is the online wallet is back up. Bad news is they have arbitrarily decided that I only qualify for level 2 of the KYC. That means all I’ll be able to move is 150 Euros worth (I have well over that value in my wallet currently). So, what if I want to sell 500 Euros worth? Tough luck? They decided that all I can do is 150? UNACCEPTABLE! I’ll dump it all and I won’t be the only one.

Level 2 is 10,000 euros limit


Level 2 is 10,000 not 150 euro.

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No. Level 2 is 150 Euros in three months time.

Go check again. Level two is 10000 max in 3 months.

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